Instant Hotel The new reality format Instant Hotel takes us inside the highly competitive world of home accommodation rentals – where many a ‘host’ thinks they’re a hotelier – and where price point, personal taste and personal belongings are ALL open to judgment! Each episode sees one host team hand over the keys to their property to their rivals for one night’s stay. Each Instant Hotel is judged on a set criteria – but just like real holiday home rental – the owner gets to judge their guests in a controversial reverse review. Final Judgement is passed by our expert Presenter for a total score. Think BIG characters, outrageous properties, gratuitous house snooping, brutal critiques and one international holiday on offer for the best home hotel! Series include: Season 1: 12 x 60’ Season 2: Coming soon Format rights available 12 x 60’ Production Year: 2017 - 2018 Reality R E T U R N I N G