Manhunt Manhunt is a chilling crime series which follows true crime stories of murders, international child pornography rings, drug fuelled crime sprees and even a jaw-dropping heist. The narrative is told by the officers involved in each operation, with exclusive, actual police vision integrated with filmic re-enactments. Every episode is like a movie with extraordinary story-telling and high production values which will keep you on the edge of your seat. What makes Manhunt so different is the journey the viewer takes as they follow the steps taken by the tenacious officers who take sometimes years to solve the crime. Each of six diverse episodes centres on a specific case that can only be solved by deconstructing the mysteries surrounding the crime and getting under the skin of the criminal at its core. Sometimes shocking, sometimes absurd – MANHUNT has been shot all over Australia and blends fascinating blow by blow interviews with stunning re-enactments and rarely seen archive, giving unique insight into the bizarre workings of extreme criminal minds and the real life heroes who dedicate their lives to catching them. 6 x 60’ Production Year: 2018 Crime & Investigation