Surveillance Oz Every day, millions of cameras are monitoring every public move across the globe. There is an average of one surveillance camera for every 14 people on earth. This gripping series from Seven Studios takes viewers behind the lens to reveal the shocking, dangerous and sometimes hilarious moments captured on CCTV. It’s action packed as operators use the vision to assist with law enforcement, crime prevention and investigation. Using actual CCTV footage Surveillance Oz exposes everything from terrifying near misses on trains and dangerous driving on our roads to brazen acts of retail theft and misdemeanours in car parks. Series Include: Season 1 - 2: Distributed by Seven Studios Distribution Season 3: Distrubuted by TCB Media rights Season 4 - 6: Distributed by Seven Studios Distribution 36 x 30’ Production Year: 2012 -2018 Crime & Investigation R E T U R N I N G