Shearing Gang The shearing shed is a workplace like no other. The hours are long, the work is back-breaking and the deadlines are unmissable. On the more remote stations, gangs are accommodated on site, which means they never get a break from each other. Under such extreme conditions, relationships are formed, but are just as often stretched to breaking point. The gangs are hand-picked by Peter Lyon, with each team consisting of seasoned industry stalwarts working alongside fresh arrivals, brand new to the scene. What Pete doesn’t know about putting a crew together isn’t worth knowing. Part financial advisor, part relationship counsellor, full-time boss – Pete truly has his work cut out wrangling up to 240 bodies in the peak of the season. Shearing Gang is a revealing, funny, exclusive look at the hidden heart of New Zealand’s grittiest profession. Series include: Season 1: 13 x 30’ Season 2: 13 x 30’ Season 3: 13 x 30’ Season 4: 13 x 30’ Great Southern Television for Prime New Zealand 52 x 30’ Production Year: 2013 - 2017 Factual N E W R E L E A S E