Manu’s American Road Trip Join chef and MKR host Manu Feildel as he embarks on a road trip of a lifetime across the Deep South of America to uncover the most diverse food culture in the world. This ultimate adventure takes him from the swamps of Florida all the way to a small town Texas where Manu has been invited to compete in the biggest steak cook off in the South. Along the way he explores vibrant Cuban food in Miami, takes on the biggest burger you’ve ever seen in Georgia, goes fishing Redneck style in Mississippi and discovers the French heart of America through delicious Creole and Cajun cuisine in Louisiana. From cowboys to alligator hunters, and civil war re-enactors to the 94-year-old Queen of New Orleans cuisine, Manu heads off the beaten track to experience exciting new tastes and picks up mouth-watering recipes. Over two episodes Manu’s epic culinary journey across six US states will show America like you’ve never seen it before! 2 x 60’ Production Year: 2017 Lifestyle