Adam’s Pasta Pilgrimage Adam’s Pasta Pilgrimage is a nineteen part television series that explores the origins of Italy’s most famous food: pasta. Australian chef Adam Swanson explores where pasta came from, how it got to Italy, and how different regions have made this Italian staple their own. Adam, who owns a restaurant situated on Adelaide’s picturesque Glenelg beach, travels to Italy to not only rediscover his heritage in Italy’s south, but to discover traditional pasta recipes, shapes and cooking techniques. He discovers recipes that are steeped in history – and shows us just how easy it is to cook these recipes at home. Beginning in Italy’s south in Naples, Adam heads to thirteen different regions in Italy, including island region Sicily, Lazio, home of the nation’s capital, and Tuscany, arguably one of Italy’s most famous and cultural regions. Travelling in his little red Fiat, Louis, Adam meets authentic Italian people and cooks authentic Italian recipes. San Remo Company Pty Ltd 19 x 30’ Production Year: 2016