Blokesworld Blokesworld is what happens when a couple of Aussie blokes from outside the TV industry ignore all the rules and make their own show anyway. Ado and Camera 3 travel around Australia and the world finding blokes doing the things that blokes do. It’s about motor racing in all of it’s forms, cars, bikes, trucks, shooting, fishing, barbecuing, and having adventures. Most episodes are a day in the life of the grass-roots tribe we find around the world doing the things that blokes love doing. It’s un-polished, un-scripted and a heap of fun. Series include: Season 1: 5 x 30’ Season 2: 9 x 30’ Season 3: 6 x 30’ + 2 x 30’ Specials Season 4: 4 x 30’ Fort Knox Productions Pty Ltd 26 x 30’ Production Year: 2016-2017 Day Time / Off-Peak