Cosmetic Coffee Cosmetic Coffee follows one of Australia’s leading Cosmetic and Dermatological Surgeons, Dr Daniel Lanzer. We step inside the Doctor’s clinic, as he and his team perform incredible procedures on over 20 Aussie patients, who all started their cosmetic journeys over a Cosmetic Coffee with Dr Daniel Lanzer. Cosmetic Coffee is the First Australian reality series that looks at the inside running of our cosmetic surgery practice. The series focuses on multiple different breakthrough procedures both surgical and non-surgical. It is educational and entertaining and features Dr Daniel Lanzer who has become the brand name for what is new and innovative in cosmetic surgery over the last 25 years throughout Australia. Patients from all over Australia and New Zealand are followed during the series. Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Services Pty Ltd 10 x 30’ Production Year: 2017 Day Time / Off-Peak