Undercurrent 6 x 60’ Production Year: 2017 Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Dawn. January 27, 2009. 55 year-old mother of two, Sue Neill-Fraser is woken by a call from the police – her yacht is sinking out in the bay. Sue’s partner, Bob Chappell, who was sleeping on board, has disappeared. The boat has been sabotaged, blood spatters the cabin stairs, a knife lies on the floor….Bob is never seen again. Dead or Alive. Sue soon becomes a suspect in Bob’s murder investigation. During interviews with detectives she is caught in a string of lies. Seven months later. Detectives arrest Sue, charging her with murder. Sue strongly maintains her innocence. While evidence is circumstantial and there is no body, the case is strong enough to go to court. After a high-profile murder trial that splits the tight Hobart community, Sue is found guilty. In October 2010 she is sentenced to 26-years in prison. But this case is far from closed…a band of supporters refuse to accept that Sue Neill- Fraser is a killer and they begin their own investigation, much of it filmed as it happens. This is the story of Undercurrent, a 6 x 60’ true- crime series in the tradition of The Jinx and Making a Murderer. An active, unfolding investigation with twists, revelations and cliff-hangers. A series with the potential to divide opinion, sparking debate from Facebook to the dinner table, right up to the dramatic final episode when the threads come together and the truth is revealed. CJZ Productions and Missing Man Pty Ltd for Seven Network Australia Marquee